Karen B

(San Antonio, TX)

I saw a commercial this morning on tv from my hotel room. I googled you and found you also have locations that are local to my area. I had to find this store and come in for a fitting I limped into the store from a knee injury. Really hurting and the pain transferred to my feet. The rep listened to my concerns and returned with inserts to put in my flip-flops and I got up to walk. The pain was gone! I mean I’m not limping anymore and I don’t have the same pain I had upon entering. I am thrilled. When your feet hurt, your whole body hurts. Why wouldn’t you make this investment in your body? Thanks so much to The Good Feet Store.

Bryan W

(San Antonio, TX)

I 100% recommend Good Feet! I have suffered from back, hip and knee pain for years. The pain as of late has prevented me from exercising more than than a few minutes. I decided to try the Good Feet program. Sales rep was very attentive to my situation, She listened to my problem and then she explained the Good Feet system and made some recommendations. Since then I have been able to exercise for 3 hours and am able to work without pain. Thanks Good Feet. You have changed my life.

Jesse P

(San Antonio, TX)

After suffering for years with Right foot pronation and flat feet, I decided to bite the bullet and try out the GOOD FEET store here in SAN ANTONIO. ED greeted us and began the process of trying to ascertain just how bad my feet were. After finishing this process, he brought out the first pair of EXERCISER inserts for me to try on. I knew that I had made the right decision in coming to the store from the first few steps taken in my new inserts. My foot refused to roll in and I found myself thanking ED before completing the payment process. Although I'm sure all the salesperson are top notch, should you have a choice of salesperson's, I highly recommend ED . He's patient, caring and seems to genuinely enjoy his work. It's now been 2 weeks since I purchased the insert system and the swelling on the inside of my R foot has gone down significantly. The pain on the outside of my R foot is practically non-existent, plus my knees and back are also feeling better. GOOD FEET and their products are worth every penny spent.

Jayme H

(San Antonio, TX)

Good Feet Store in San Antonio provided me with outstanding customer service. Sales rep assessed my needs quickly and thoroughly. I have been wearing my new inserts for almost a week and I can already tell a difference. My job requires me to stand and walk for over 8 hours per day. My back pain has been greatly reduced in just a few short days.

Stephen S

Worth the investment. I have a low arch support in my feet and my feet line inward and I have a degenerative disk. I have not had any pain since I have been using the supports. I use to have pain after standing for a long time but not anymore. I hope one day insurance will pay for some of the cost. Might reduce money being paid to other doctors.


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